Track Splits

Got back out on the track last night. My quads were pretty beat from this weekends activities but I survived 4*1200 and wasn't too much slower than normal.

2.25 mile warm up

4*1200, 400 walk
rest 4:44.64
rest 5:08.05
rest 5:18.70

1 mile cool down

As we were finishing up the rain storm finally appeared. I was wishing it would rain the whole workout as it was extremely hot and humid but the winds that came along with the storm made me grateful it waited. We were drenched within 30 seconds and the temps must have dropped a good 5-10 degrees in just a few minutes. It was great!

I am supposed to be doing an open water swim and bike tonight but rain is in the forecast again. Not so sure what will pan out this evening. Perhaps I will be in the pool and on the trainer. Meh.


Michele said...

great track workout.

Hope the rain holds out for you so you can get that open water swim and ride in.

Josh said...

that is too funny! as i was finishing up my workout last night, it was getting progressively darker and began to storm too! great job!

DaisyDuc said...

Sorry I missed it ....really!

Jessica Deline said...

Pool and trainer. yeah.. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but hopefully you can get outside!

rice said...

wow those are great times..



Cliff said...

argh..didn't realize u change your i added this to my blogline...

backofpack said...

Sometimes there's nothing better than a summer storm. The warm wind and rain are so different from the constant winter drizzle around here that I actually like it.