Ironmen in France

Oh wow just waking up and the Ironman Nice guys have been at it for almost 6 hours!

Stats so far!


B: 1:06:04

Coach K: 56:27

B2: 1:35:58

Curly Su: 1:15:41


B: 7:03

Coach K: 7:00

B2: 8:49

Curly Su: 6:58

Bike First leg 23.3 km

B: 45:00

Coach K: 43:32

B2: 52:14

Curly Su: 1:02:40

Bike Second leg at 70 km

B: 1:56:07

Coach K: 1:53:14

B2: 2:23:19

Curly Su: 3:07:00

Bike Third leg at 118.7km

B: 3:28:35

Coach K: 3:28:42

B2: 4:13:09

Curly Su: 5:26:00

Bike Fourth leg at 159 km

B: 1:07:23

Coach K: 1:06:53

B2: ?

Curly Su: 1:28:47

Final Bike leg at 180 km

B: 40:42

Coach K: 37:05

B2: ?

Curly Su: 52:46

Total Bike:

B: 6:01:40

Coach K: 5:56:12

B2: 7:11:23

Curly Su: 8:50:13


B: 3:39

Coach K: 5:03

B2: 8:50

Curly Su: 7:08

Run 10.5 km

B: 8:15:05
Coach K: 8:07:11
B2: 10:04:09
Curly Su: 11:33:55

Run 21.1 km
B: 9:21:14

Coach K: 9:25:00

B2: 11:14:51

Curly Su: 12:59:57

Run 31.6 km

B: 10:36:34
Coach K: 10:55:30
B2: ?
Curly Su: 14:26:18

Total Run

B: 4:21:49

Coach K: 5:22:14
B2: 4:25:27

Curly Su: 5:18:48

Finish Time/place:

B: 11:40:15/275

Coach K: 12:26:56/416

B2: 13:30:27/625

Curly Su: 15:38:48/847

I'm am off to run but hopefully I will be able to keep updating this later! So happy they all made it out of the swim safely!

Just back from my run. It went well despite sore quads. 8 miles.

A little worried about Su here T2 time looks strange. Maybe it is her full race time so far. Looks like the boys are almost done with the run and B2 isn't far behind them.

B is finished!!! Kick butt!

Su has crossed the 10km of the marathon. Woot woot! Go Su!

Coach K is done!!! Yay!

Holy cow this is exciting guys!!!

A bit worried about B2 at this point. He definitely should have come across 30k already. But it looks like the mat and chip systems have been funky all day so far so hopefully it just didn't register his chip there.

Su just came across the 20km mark!

B2 is done!!! 13:30! Way to go Ironman!

Su should be crossing the 30 km mark anytime now. She is currently 922 and 921 just crossed it at 14:04. Go Su!

Su's still at 922 and crossed 31.6 km at 14:26:18 Only 11km to go!

She's finished! 15:38:48 I was tracking her and she was 922 forver then just checked and she pops up as done and in 847, way to take down some runners Su.

Phew they are all Ironmen!

And I need to stop tracking these races and making myself sick everytime someone misses a chip mat! Seriously folks!

RR is still out at IMCda and kicking some serious booty. He was freaking 18th out of the water!!! Halfway through the bike in 2:45:19 around 80th place holy cow!


Black Knight said...

How many data? You are a living computer (and a great athlete)!

Bolder said...

ironmanlive is showing me no love for CSu... keep it comin'... go CSu!!!!

A. M. Mericsko said...

Thanks for keeping me posted, girl! You are a ROCK STAR!!!! That group makes me feel so f*cking lazy! lol! See you Tuesday!

backofpack said...

Wow! Awesome times! We're tracking two friends at IMCd'A. This is so cool!

Brian said...

It was amazing reading this post! I always say I should step outside of myself to absorb things and this allowed me to do just that. Even though I knew I finished, I was starting to get worried that maybe I wasn't going to when my chip wasn't registering : ) My guess is that the chip was busy chafing the hell out of my ankle at those times!!

curly su said...

Liz, I know this is totally weird, but I just came across this post when I was searching for something on my own blog. Made me really happy to know you cared so much to be tracking me so persistently that day back in 2006. xxoo.