Didn't find time to swim or bike tonight but David and I went for a walk at N. Chagrin. It wasn't too hot thankfully. I also managed to get in most of an ab pilates workout.

Then we finally watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. I was a big fan of the books. I thought the movie was pretty good even though it took some liberties from the book.

I had totally forgotten about Bridget interviewing Colin Firth in the book, which they ended up cutting from the movie because who the heck would they get to play "colin firth" since he was already Mark Darcy...

I can't believe how much weight Renee had to put on for that role. I would think that juggling between her tiny figure for Chicago to this figure would be horrible for her health. I hope she finds future roles that allow her to be somewhere in the middle!

Anyways I am just babbling...

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