Group Swim

Finally got my butt out of bed and exercised this week

Went to the pool workout this morning and had a great workout coached by B.

The indoor pool is closed for the summer so we were actually swimming in a 25 meter pool as opposed to the 25 yards indoors.

Here is the workout as far as I can remember it.

200 m warm up
50 catch up drill
50 kick
50 kick with board
50 catch up- focus on scull and reach
50 catch up- focus on rolling shoulders
50 slow arm recovery
25 head down
25 fingertip drill
50 swim
3*50 easy, medium, hard
3*100 on 2 minute send off
ladder 200 medium, 100 harder, 50 hard, 25 all out, 25 easy (back)

Total around 1450 meters

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