Biking Metro Mountains

Went out last night with B, S, and CK. We rode bikes in N. Royalton and took a different route than usual. It was pretty fun and our quads got a good workout on the small metro mountains.

The down hills were definitely fun! Got up to 39 mph! Of course it doesn't last too long before you are going back up, got down as slow as 6mph ;) We ended up riding around 16 miles in a little over an hour.

Afterwards we had a FABULOUS meal made by CK with some help from S. My hubby made it out so we had most of the gang there. After dinner we played a killer game of "Masterpiece" Which I won of course ;) Which is odd because I totally can not put on a good "poker face"

Meant to swim this morning but woke up late to find I had set the alarm for 5pm instead of am :\ Oh well. I will have to work that much harder next swim!

Tomorrow is the strawberry run and I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me tonight. Wish me luck! My very unrealistic goal is to run the race in just shy of 32:30, likelihood very low. But I would be happy to run it between 34 and 35. Hopefully my hamstring and the weather are good to me!

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