Track Workout

It finally rained a bit so it wasn't unbearably hot tonight. A finally came to the track so I had an equal partner in crime!

She got there a little late so I warmed up 1 mile with everyone else, then A and I did the first set as her warm up. I didn't want to push it too much anyways because I raced on Sunday and my hamstring is just starting to feel normal again.

So here is the run down.

1 mile easy warm up
800 medium 3:38
400 medium 1:47
400 medium 1:51
800 hard 3:11
400 hard 1:28
400 hard 1:28
8*200 hard 46.89, 46.95, 46.45, 48.09, 47.98, 45.81, 44.85, 41.12
1 mile cool down easy

I am duplicating blogs for now so if you are reading this feel no need to check out my tblog anymore. I will eventually move to this space permanently I think but since I paid for tblog for another year I feel like I should still use it.

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