Track Workout 6-14-05

Had another so-so track workout last night. Definitely not going into this weekend as speedy as I had hoped for. But the weather has cooled off a lot since last night so there is still some hope ;)

Did a mile warm up with B and M and probably went a little too quick for a warm up

Then we did 2 sets of 800, 600, 400 then an 800 and a 4*400 relay

Ended with a slow one mile cool down. I forgot to bring Gatorade and ended up with a horrible side stitch during the cool down.

A few of the TNT marathoners came out so I had some more ladies to run with. Once I get my head in gear hopefully having some speedier women around will help

splits were as follows:

800-3:07 600-2:21 400-1:33
800-3:14 600-2:27 400-1:35
800-3:29 400-1:26

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