Track workouts

Been awhile since updating.

Tuesday night I went to the track as usual. Did not do anywhere close to as well as last week. We did 3 miles of intervals, 1 mile, 2* 800, then 4* 400. I did all right on the first mile but the rest was pretty crappy. Hopefully it is just the heat that is slowing me down.

Thursday night my hubby and I went and walked at N. Chagrin. It was warm but not too bad.

Last night was Relay For Life and I ended up taking the 8pm shift since A couldn't come. It was HOT! and Humid! But I ran for an hour and fifteen minutes and got in 8 slow miles around the track.

The 8pm slot was the WORST slot to pick! The entertainment for that hour was a duet singing bad campy style tunes with the words replaced following through a person’s life. It was HORRIBLE!!!

Let's just put it this way: one of the songs consisted of "Nip a little, Tuck a little, Nip a little, Tuck a little, snip snip snip, suck a lot, chop a little more" (repeat) Ugggh! The slots before and after mine had great music. Oh well

I am off to a TNT bike ride!

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