The Road Back: Week 1!

Instructions from coach G for the last week were: 40 miles at 7:30 or slower, run every day, Friday 4*30 second striders!

And that is exactly how it went down with a tiny bit of cross training, (1 swim and lots of house work) some good PT sessions, as well as an ART session, and a massage session.

40 miles for the week went like this:

8.25 at 8:02 pace with my new fleet feet crew!
AM Massage. Evening 4 treadmill at 7:43 pace followed by PT routine
8 at 7:30 solo on sidewalks, ART after
4 on treadmill at 7:36 followed by PT routine
AM Swim easy and PT with ED. Lunch run 7.5 at 7:56 with 4* 30 strides
3.25 easy solo at 8:18
6 easy on towpath with friends at 8:40

Spent the weekend moving furniture and ripping up carpet in the house so I did not cross train. Bruises everywhere and my hands are tore up! But the body feel good still and I don't seem to have tweaked anything!

Everything feels pretty great. But I am still going to schedule an xray this week, because we are pretty sure there is a tiny bone spur in my left heel and though there is nothing I can really do about it other than be aware etc. it will be good to know for sure what I am dealing with!

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