On the Mend?

Well despite traveling back home Tuesday last week and lots to do back here in Ohio I actually managed to get in a decent week's training (relative to the last few weeks!) I am clearly not ready for heavy training yet, but it feels good to have gotten in more than 2 or 3 hours of exercise for the week and I am hopeful I will be back up and getting in 50-65 miles here soon!

I think it was a Kara Goucher post about healing from injuries or it may have been Lauren Fleshman and I am sure a gazillion other folks have noted that coming back from injury you wait until you feel good again before ramping back up... and then you wait a few more days to be sure. So I am trying to be cautious and not getting my hopes up too high that I am closing in on 100%, but I just feel really good and it seems like things are going to start lining up. I am committed to getting in massage twice a month, getting in for ART once a week if needed, and to keeping up the PT routine to make sure I do not relapse! I am also committed to only doing base mileage until my body is ready for harder training.

Aerobically I feel fantastic. Saturday was the first longish run I did since Philly where I pushed the pace a bit and it felt fantastic. But I need to be careful as clearly my muscles need some time to ease back in even though I am still aerobically super fit. I can tell when I run hills etc that the strength just isn't where it was before Philly, but I am hopeful it will come back quickly with the help of the PT routine until I can do real workouts!

The quick rundown:
6 runs totaling 37 miles
1 trainer ride for an hour
1 20 minute/900 meter swim
1.5 PT sessions
1 massage

Most of the runs right now are around 8 minute pace and it feels fine. I hit up the trails Saturday on my own and just had so much fun getting wet and muddy and laughing in the sun. Taking it one day at a time and when a PT exercise gets a little tough instead of pushing through I just back it off on reps etc. Really hoping to grow from my 2011 experiences with overuse etc. and be a better more healthy athlete this year!

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