I'm late I'm late

We will return to regularly scheduled programming here soon I promise! I totally thought I had lined up videos to post while on vacation etc and found that I have been blog slacking even in my intended absence to not blog slack :)

Life has just been busy busy busy despite the lack of training!

Last posted I was dealing with some serious neck/shoulder issues and the lower back/hip/core was severely agitated, so I backed off of everything and focused on enjoying the holidays and a mini vacation from life and training. The body seems to be responding well to the rest and I am sincerely hopeful I can get the mileage back up here in the next few weeks once I settle into my 2012 routine.

PT numbers, running numbers, cross training numbers were dismal last week, but walking numbers, fun numbers, beer drinking numbers, and relaxation numbers were at an all time high and the body and soul appreciated it!

3 runs around 17.5 miles total. All on the east coast. Lovely fun run with RVRR in New Brunswick, awesome run around Rutgers' Cook, college, and Douglas campus', and finally ran the main loop at Central Park! Central Park loop was 55 degrees and sunny on December 30th. Have to love running in the shorts and bra to end the year on a fun note!

Lots of walking around New Brunswick, Princeton, and New York so I got in plenty of exercise and managed not to gain any holiday weight despite sampling many new beers the past two weeks! And of course there was dancing at least 3 of the nights on vacation last week to break in the new year! (that has to count for cross training!)

Only managed to do the PT routine once and had to bag any exercises that involved the shoulder. I had to take some naproxen to ease things up, didn't want to, but did not want to miss out on the fun runs I had planned. Off the drugs now and things feel good knock on wood! (despite a runny nose that will hopefully fade soon!) I have a massage tonight and will be scheduling ART and PT appointments for next week!

One day at a time and really trying to do everything, including the PT in moderation. I have the tendency to overdo everything so I am trying very hard to behave on all fronts!

Coaches instructions right now are just to focus on getting healthy, no mileage goals, no workouts. This is the perfect time to do that as I have no goals for 2012 that I absolutely have to have done. I want to be 100% before I commit to anything, though I certainly have some ideas and hope that I will be healthy and can reach them and I will post about those soon!

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