Safe and Sound

I've been in a real feel good place on pretty much every run since the Columbus marathon in October despite my bodies woes. While it was refreshing to find out the past few months that I can be a happy person without running it is also exciting to truly realize that my happiness reaches even higher heights with a good (or mediocre) run!

Just in general I have been feeling cheerier than I have in a long time and I have been grooving to a lot of feel good music these days. (I still appreciate a dose of The Shins or Mad World ala Gary Jules as much as the next girl though)

On a sounds eclectic kick again and sadly most of the great tunes on there do not have groovy videos but this one is a little fun if somewhat morbid in spots. I'd love to get out a bit more often for some official dancing but I most certainly have been caught dancing around the house, office, locker room these days when a good tune is on!

Hope you enjoy!


Trisaratops said...

YAY! New tunes. Like this! Just downloaded on iTunes. :)

iJuls said...

Good to hear that you've been feeling good. Keep those bodily woes at bay. Go e-speed!!!