Last week of "Freedom" Rundown

I am happy to report that starting this week I will be back working with my coach! The body is (knock on wood) feeling really good. I'm still doing the PT/Massage/ART thing but it is more for maintenance now rather than fixing any specific problem. The foot feels good and genuinely the PT has my core feeling much stronger and I am hoping that will soon lead to a left side that is doing its fair share of the work while running! Added bonus I have a super slim stomach going on ;) Still haven't reached that elusive 6 pack yet!

Did my first official long run since Philly. Well I am calling 12 a long run for now :) Pushed the pace a bit the first 5 miles around 6:50s then took the back half of the course easy catching up with my SERC buddies after the water stop. I gotta say I much prefer tackling the Solon hill at 8 minute pace to those 6:30s we were rolling at last summer ;) Body felt good after the run and no residual foot pain!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! 45 miles this past week with one day off, all around 8 minute pace with one 45 minute trainer ride and a few PT sessions on my own as well as an ART appointment. Slacked off on swimming and yoga yet again! But super busy at work and around the house so I am keeping fit even when not officially training.

So to recap my time off to recover after Philly went like this :)

Week 1- 0 miles
Week 2- 5 days cross training, no runs
Week 3- 5 runs 24 miles, 1 cross training day
Week 4 - 3 runs 15 miles, 2 days cross training
Week 5- 3 runs 20 miles, 1 day cross training
Week 6- 3 runs 17 miles, no cross training
Week 7- 6 runs 37 miles, one cross training day
Week 8- 6 runs 38 miles, no cross training
Week 9- 6 runs 45 miles, one day cross training

I want to look back and remember this for sure. In the past I have gotten very caught up in the log and not taking time off. I honestly feel better than I have in ages and I genuinely believe this down time is going to pay off big time for me in 2012! This is the least amount of training I have done in probably 3 years plus. And I am so glad that I took this period easy and took the time to really heal my body and get healthy mentally and physically so I can toe the line a stronger woman this year!

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