Training Catch Up

Yep I am still running, albeit with the focus on recovery and not workouts right now.

Race Week: 58 miles
Tuesday-7 miles with track (2 miles at 6:20 pace and 4*200 at 38)
Wednesday-7.2 at 8:09
Thursday-7 at 7:08
Friday-4.6 at 8:19
Saturday-4 at 8:17 with 4 strides
Sunday-1.7 warm up with strides, race

Post race week 1: 24 miles
Monday- Rest
Tuesday-9.5 at 8:04
Wed- Rest
Saturday-4.4 at 9:00 pace
Sunday-2.2 warm up with strides at 8:12, 10k in 38:10, cool down 1.3 at 9:36

Post race week 2: 27 miles
Tue- Rest
Wed-3.5 costume "run" like 10 minute pace
Thur-6.7 trails at 8:19 pace
Fri- 1.5 at like 9:50 (3 miles walk/jogging with david)
Sat-7.5 trails at 8:12
Sun- 8 at 8:22

I started doing 2*10 pushups at least 3 times a week. Add to that (2 or 3 times a week) 20-30 bicycle crunches, 10 side leg lifts on each side, 10 clam leg lifts each side, 10 leg lifts each side, 10 supermans each side, 10 bridges on foam roller, 10 side leg lifts standing each side, 10 knee lifts standing each side, 10 bicep curls each side, 10 shoulder lifts each side, 20 shoulder circles forward and 20 back, then 10 big circles forward and 10 back

I'll probably try to add some lunges and squats to that routine, or do those on an alternate day.


Nitmos said...

Wow, you are super quick. Good plan. Rock on!

Kim said...

awesome - you are gonna be super strong come april! cant wait to party with you girlfriend!

solarsquirrel said...

Funny - your post-marathon running is more aggressive than my marathon training! No wonder I'm so slow! ;)