Weekly Rundown - Interim Turkey Trot Phase Week 2

Goal for the week:

Total Mileage 50 - 55.

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo 4 miles @ 6:35. 1 mile @ 6:20
Wednesday & Friday upper 7's lower 8's.
Miles @ 7:20
Long run 12 miles @ 7:00

How it played out:

55 miles

T-5.5 at 6:44
W-8 at 7:41
Th- AM 8 with tempo, Lunch 8 at 8:04
F-5 at 7:54
Sat-8 with track
Sun-12 at 6:56

Tuesday night was pouring like crazy which means everyone in Cleveland forgot how to drive and it took me over an hour to get to the track, by the time I got there we would have 30 more minutes with the lights on so we opted to bypass on our planned track workout and just get some miles in. I was more than a little aggravated (had planned on getting in a quality workout and 9 miles) and this turned into a hodge podge workout. 2 mile warm up around 7 minute pace, a mile of striding the straights and jogging the curves around 6:40 followed up by a 2 mile "progression run" ending with the last mile sub 6 followed by a short cool down when the lights went off. Not ideal, but at least it was a semi fast workout and no harm done in the process.

Thursdays tempo went well. My Garmin has appeared to be very generous with me this week, not sure if it is time to reset the thing or if I am just feeling better at all my paces because of the cooler weather and better fitness. We ran a little fast on the way out with the winds at our back and managed to keep the pace down despite the wind in our faces on the way back, the effort was increased, but honestly it all felt very controlled.


Ave pace 6:24

We decided to make up the track workout on Saturday. It didn't seem like it would be too bad. Plenty of rest and the paces weren't crazy.

Plan was 5 x 1000.

2 @ 3:40 2 min rest (10k pace)
2 @ 3:32 2:20 rest (5k pace)
1 @ 3:20 2:30 rest (3k pace)

The first 4 felt pretty controlled but I could tell the 5th would be a stretch. We ran a little fast on the first 4 alternating taking the inside lane. Last one NC got into a slightly faster gear from the get go and I couldn't quite catch up in the home stretch and neither of us made the 3:20, but it was one of the fastest 1000s either of us has done in a workout the past two years. (I think we did a 3:21 at the end of a workout in June, but given it is November and speed is not the focus right now I was happy with the effort)


Sunday the legs didn't feel too bad, just felt a bit fatigued, but we managed the 12 under 7 pace without issue.

Really felt pretty good all week, hopefully that means a good Turkey Trot ahead!


Matty O said...

You are one crazy fast girl. I am not enlightening anything new to you, just reiterating it for everyone else to read haha.

WOW, keep up the good work. Looks like your schedule is very well balanced with speed and distance.

Kirstie said...

Wow, great week in running! Good luck at the Turkey Trot this week. I don't understand your comment about Cleveland drivers and the rain. I make the drive from Akron to Middleburg Hts everday and it just blows my mind when people drive so crazy in the rain.

E-Speed said...

Ha Kirstie. I was just bitter. Sitting in my car for about 90 minutes (did I mention I drive stick?) while barely moving is not my idea of a good evening. 77 and 480 were stop and go the entire way there, no accident I could see, just rush hour + rain and lots of braking. Unfortunately the track I run at is nowhere near home, so I didn't have an escape route once headed that way.

Black Knight said...

You are very fast. Good luck on the race.