A Bit of Fun

One of the downsides of all the serious training is that I have been missing out on some of the more casual/fun sides of running that I have always enjoyed (The trade off is worth it). I miss a good long day on the trails with no purpose other than covering ground with friends. I miss running with slower friends and helping them to achieve their goals. I miss running a race just because my friends are doing it. I know all of that will still be here in a few years when I can switch my focus, but in the meantime I am going to work on trying to have a bit more fun and not being quite so Type A about everything somehow.

The next few weeks are a great time to get some fun in. Coaches orders the past two weeks have been light running at my discretion so I definitely took that to heart. Time to recover and relax a little bit so I can get focused when we start ramping up again. (I can't lie after just one week I am ready to get back to it, but know that mentally and physically I need a bit more time before jumping back into tempos and speed)

Last week had a great night out with my running gals for sushi and post race celebrations and Sunday I managed to have fun racing just for the sake of it. This week kicked off the fun with a Halloween Costume run in downtown Cleveland. 3.5 super slow but super fun miles dressed as a pirate were just what the doc ordered :) Followed that up with a nice trail run last night and looking forward to another easy trail run Saturday with my girls!

In the meantime I have started back up with some upper body and core strengthening to try and keep the post race fun (beers, wine, ice cream) pounds at bay.

Funny post event quote from Brandon the carrot "Carrot's are good for runners, Carrot's are not good runners"

The cheerleader was definitely making my post marathon legs look bad (seriously guys shouldn't have that good of legs ;))

Joke of the night from non costumed bar attendees "What's a pirates favorite letter? The C matey!"

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solarsquirrel said...

FYI: your running friends miss you too! (the slower ones who used to be able to run with you)