Weekly Rundown

Slowly working my way back into the start of winter base training. But first I have the Detroit Turkey Trot so we are keeping up some light speed work until then.

Coaches instructions for Nov 1-7:

This week 40 - 45 miles.
Tuesday: Track.
Long run 12 miles @ low to mid 7's.
Normal easy days and the other days at mid to upper 7's.

How it played out:

46 miles

Monday- Rest (jog/walk with David)
Tuesday-7 miles with track
Wednesday-7.25 miles 7:42 pace
Thursday-9.4 miles with 5 at 6:56 (helping pace friends for their tempo)
Saturday- 10 trails easy
Sunday- 12.5 at 7:32 pace (couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a new route and check out some rock formations so we were a bit slow the first half and hammered the last half a bit)

Track: goal 8*400 with 90 second rests under 90 for the quarters, just loosening up the legs basically. split (rest)
86.87 (94.98)
85.34 (91.98)
86.40 (93.72)
86.58 (97.13)
83.89 (1:41.08)
84.45 (92.15)
85.00 (93.42)

On a positive note for the year I have already run more miles this year than I did all of last year!

Still feeling a bit sluggish. I'll be happy when we get the mileage back up, I don't respond well to a less structured training plan for some reason.

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Janet Edwards said...

Now finally a track workout that I think I could run with ya!