Weekly Rundown- Turkey Trot Race Week


Total Mileage 50.

Monday - Friday miles in the 7's and 8's.
Have a good race.
Miles @ 7:20
Long run 12 miles @ 7:00

How it played out:

56 miles

Monday- Rest (38 minute walk/jog with David)
Tuesday- 8 miles 7:43 pace (5*20 second strides)
Wednesday- 4 at 8:21 (4*30 sec strides)
Thursday- 2 mile warm up with strides, 37:24, 3 mile cool down 10 minute pace
Friday- 6 miles 7:48 pace
Saturday-12 miles 6:53 pace with MY on towpath
Sunday- 15 miles with FD 7:28 pace (First 8 averaged 7:20 then ran easy)

I haven't been feeling too badly while running the past week. But in the mornings and at my desk I have been feeling a bit out of whack. My hamstrings have been cranky, my wonky left hip has been acting up, and my feet have been killing me. Definitely was due for a massage which I had this morning. And I am hoping some diligent stretching will keep me from having all this soreness translate into injuries this winter. Hoping it is just a case of everything being too tight and nothing serious, but going to keep an eye on my right foot.

I've been making more time for social stuff too which means my sleep schedule and eating has suffered a bit the past few weeks, so hopefully once I get that back in line it will help things along. Like most everyone else I was not as diligent as I could have been on my intake the past month so I also need to hunker down and try to get my diet back in control and my weight a little closer to race weight before the New Year.

Base training starts today so no workouts for awhile, but hopefully building up the mileage before getting back into it for some indoor track races before Boston!

Had a great holiday with the family and rounded it off with a fun night out at the Beachland Tavern last night. Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight though!

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