Thank You

I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This year has literally flown by. I obviously have a lot to be grateful for on the running front this year, improving pretty much every area of my running regime. But who are we kidding, none of that would have been possible without the amazing support system that has been built up around me.

This starts with a loving and supportive family. I have the best parents in the world, a very lovable and understanding husband, and some seriously fantastic siblings. The extended family of cousins and in laws is also top notch. They may not all understand my goals or what I am doing but they all rally behind them and are the first to cheer me on towards them.

Somewhere between college and now I have accumulated this huge network of friends who like me are endurance junkies. This includes all my wonderful training partners, my coach, my club, and my team. In addition I am honored to still be close friends with many from Team in Training, our local triathlon club, and the local ultra scene even though I haven't been able to do those things lately. I have met some phenomenal athletes along the way who help drive me to do my best and who inspire me to dream even bigger.

I am lucky to work in a small satellite office, where unfortunately I am the only runner. But I am so grateful for the flexibility and support my coworkers have shown me over the years. I appreciate the ability to get out on lunch runs and the post race enthusiasm we share even though they most likely think I am nuts.

On top of that, as if it isn't enough, I have somehow found myself the recipient of a whole lot of virtual support. Who would have ever dreamed I'd have friends rooting me on from across the world who I have never met in person, but feel like I have known forever. For all of this virtual love, support, knowledge, and constructive criticism, I am also thankful. It has definitely helped bolster me along my path.

So this year I want to send my thanks out to all of those in my life who have made everything I do possible. I am very blessed and it continues to amaze me every day. Thank you!


Michael said...

it has been a pleasure, if i am to be counted. thank YOU for supporting the rest of us and thanks for being an inspiration. i hope to catch some of your talent eventually! %^)

duchossois said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, for being a good friend and running buddy to me and so many others.

Babs said...

That was a really sincere and uplifting 'blog' posting...You are not only an exceptional runner, but you find the time to support other friends who are competing in various events- both near and far from home.