Weekly Rundown - Interim Turkey Trot Phase Week 1

Still recovering from Columbus but since my training partner and I are both running Turkey Trots we are still keeping a few speed workouts until that is over. Then base training for Boston will commence.

First track workout back was AWFUL. I felt horrible despite a slow pace and extra rest. Had to bail on the 4th repeat, but thankfully the extra rest allowed me to salvage the last repeat. My piriformis was seriously tweaked after that workout but seems to be fine after some serious stretching. My sinuses have been a mess since last Monday. Hoping they will pipe down soon!

Weekly goal:

Total Mileage 50.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo 5 miles @ 6:40.
Wednesday & Friday upper 7's/lower 8's.
Saturday: miles @ 7:20.
Sunday: Long run 12 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10

How it played out: 52 miles

Tues-8 with track
Wed- 8 at 7:44
Thur- 8 with tempo
Fri- 8 at 8:04
Sat- 12 at 7:07 (10 miles easy jog/hiking trails at Bill BadAss 50k later)
Sun- 8 at 7:10

Track Tuesday November 9th: Goal 5*1200 at 4:21 with 2 minute rests
4:20.80 (2:01.90)
4:21.16 (2:03.34)
4:21.82 (2:02.80)
3:00.00 (3:25.70) (Only did 800)

Thursday Tempo:

We started running these in the morning and so far so good. Pace felt comfortable so we ramped it up a bit the last few miles.


Ave 06:33.2
The weekend runs got flip flopped since we had parties to attend Saturday night. Saturdays run felt pretty sluggish, not sure if it was because we ran on the towpath or the late start or my sinuses, but it was not a comfortable run. Sunday was the complete opposite, legs felt fantastic and was just trying to run easy.

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