Week in Review and a Marathon Plan

Monday January 7th through Sunday the 13th

Monday- 1000 Meter Swim with Daisy, focus on kicking drills. 5.7 mile recovery run 8:33 pace
Tuesday-Spin class 60 minutes. 5.25 mile recovery run 8:47 pace
Wednesday- 1600 meter swim
Thursday- 4 mile EZ Run. 60 minute hard bodies class (Tons of lunges)
Friday- 4 mile EZ Run
Saturday- Rest (flew into Phoenix)
Sunday- 2.5 miles EZ

Finished reading the Pfitzinger book this morning and because of the 50k next week and Tampa Marathon two weeks later I've decided to go with the "10 weeks between marathons plan" for Boston and the "4 weeks between marathons plan" for Cleveland. I'd really like to do one of the official marathon plans but I want to make sure I am fully recovered from the 50k and Tampa marathons. I may be moved up in the pace line so I will want to be especially careful to be fully recovered if I end up pacing under 4 hours.

So my official plan starts February 11th. Until then I am going to use a few of the modified weeks from the 4 weeks between plan to try and be in good shape for Tampa. The Phoenix weather has allowed for some nice runs where I don't have to worry about any snow but it sounds like I will be heading back to some chilly weather at the end of the week which will definitely make following any plan a challenge, but I think I am up to the task!


Gary said...

Just bring some of that warm Phoenix weather with you when you come back. I'm so glad that the days are starting to get longer (well except when I'm at work)!

Brian said...

That's a crazy amount of races in a short time. I'm jealous.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

how's phx been? i've been up a couple times this week (work-related) and will be up this weekend (fun-related). you should run south mtn (that's where i'll be sat), i've heard it's great!

Lana said...

Hey Elizabeth! If I had known you were in Phoenix Sunday I would have been tracking you down to come pace me under 4 hrs!! BUT - I did it anyways (YAY!) so it's all good!

I had 5 weeks between Rocket City and the RNR-AZ, and I used the Pfitz 6 weeks between marathons plan, but used his suggestion to remove the "2 weeks out" week. I didn't follow the plan completely, though, because I am convinced that his taper is not enough taper for me(I was not nearly rested enough for RocketCity)!! I scaled it way back for RNR-AZ and felt completely rested and had a great run.

Josh said...

That is a lot of racing!

Dana said...

That's definitely a lotta running! But if anyone can do it,it's you!

Sensationally Red said...

I'd like to hear your opinion on the Pfitzinger book. Many marathoners swear by it. I'd like to feature a runner review on it for our club newsletter. So, nice you got to run where it's warm!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice week!!

Black Knight said...

But you are.........the Queen Elizabeth!