Week in Review

Just a quick update before I get too far into this week! I'm working on the shoe review and race report I promise :)

Until then let's look at the last week in training. Tried to keep it relatively light with the 50k on the horizon and a large work load last week.


Tuesday- 3 mile treadmill run with impromptu fartlek (mile warm up, 3 minutes 7:03 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace,2 minutes 6:40 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace, 1 minute 6:15 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace, 15 seconds, 6:00 pace, 15 seconds 5:56 pace, cool down)
Followed by an Easy 500 meter swim with Daisy

Wednesday- Easy 46 minute run

Thursday- AM Swim 1100 meters easy
Lunch Hard Bodies workout 60 minutes, no weights for any leg work, light weights for any upper body work

Friday- Easy 750 meter swim

Saturday- Winter Buckeye 50K

Sunday- Slept in, worked on running club stuff, baked a pie, and played Guitar Hero! Legs felt fine but decided to enjoy a day off


Dream Chaser said...

No pie pictures?

ILikePie said...

yeah, what gives? it was all blah blah blah blah PIE blah blah. or rather, i was reading and comprehending it all until i got to "pie" then i forgot everything. i scrolled up and down looking for a photo. no photo of the pie. i looked at calendar. is today national heartless blog post day? nooooo. is it rub it in to my readers day? noooo. so what is wrong with you? did daisy give you mean pills? did the chlorine make you forget your duties to those of us who love pie?

i love pie. i can't have pie. mark is all "i don't like sweets" freak boy, and, therefore, i get no frickin' pie. my only hope, obispeedkanobe, is that you show a photo of the pie. or at least describe it.


i'm truly hurt.

Brian said...

Holy crap that was a funny comment.