Training Catch Up and Post Marathon Injury Status

Well I am in full on swim mode now but before the marathon I did get in some run miles!

Week of the marathon = 58 miles
6 runs
no cross training

1 Week Post Marathon = 0 miles
Nada. Nothing. Zilch.
I did get in for a massage and for an ART session. And I cheered at the Detroit Turkey Trot.

Can't say I remember the last time I didn't at least cross train in a 7 day period. Somehow, amazingly, despite the rest and the Thanksgiving meal I haven't put on any weight post marathon, yet.

I promised my ART guy that I would do nothing for a week (possibly two) after the marathon in the hopes that I would finally kick my PF problems in my foot. He's pretty confident if I just let it be it will heal fully and I can get back to training.

Turns out I wouldn't have been running anyways as I had some nice bruising on my left calf and some minor tearing that pretty much kept me down all week. It's hard to say but I think it is improving, I've moved from full on gimp mode to I have a "hitch" mode now. But it isn't 100% by any means so I'm looking at probably a few more days of no running at a minimum. I can't tell if there is still some internal damage in there or if there is a just a knot that won't let go. I'm thinking another ART session is in order before it clears up fully. Anyone want to sponsor this broken runners massage/ART fund? ;)

On the foot front I am trying hard to determine if it feels better or if I just fervently wish it to be so enough that I have convinced myself it is :). My ART session after the marathon went well and the foot actually felt better than anticipated despite the mess I made of my calf. Having not run, it is hard to say, but I stopped wearing my night boot thing and it hasn't been bad in the mornings like before. Though with the calf pain it is hard to say if it just feels "relatively" good in comparison to that :)

We did a lot of driving for the holiday and I think between that and not running I've aggravated my left hammy/wonky hip situation. I'm hoping once I am back up and running that will all get back in alignment but I might have to focus on that in ART and my next massage too.

I'm grateful that I can at least swim, but my body is yearning to run. I'm having trouble sleeping, it is like all this energy is coursing through me with no outlet and I can't shut off my mind or body. My heart is literally pounding so hard I can't fall asleep. Anyone that knows me knows this is highly unusual as I can fall asleep in a snap usually. So with any luck this calf and foot will be on their best behavior the next fews days and I can add some easy runs back into the mix here soon, because this runner girls needs her "fix"!

In the meantime this running blog may temporarily become a swimming blog. Haven't gotten cleared for yoga or cycling yet with the calf problems so the pool will be my home for a few more days at least. It's not running but it'll do!


Steph said...

Hang in there! That is good that you're taking the rest and will be healed up soon.
Just .... keep... swimming!!!!

Black Knight said...

2:51:59 you are an athlete of elite, here your start would be among the top runners. Congrats.
Swimming is also a great sport and it helps to maintain the shape.