Last "Workout" Before Philly

Headed back to the track last night to do my typical pre marathon workout. 2 miles around marathon pace followed up by 4*200s. Like I said previously if I was a betting woman I would put my money on around 6:29 to 6:33 pace on Sunday, but since one of the gals needed to do her first mile at 6:15 and my best case marathon plan would be 6:19s I just went with it to get in two miles around 6:16. By the time we started it was already pitch black out but we cruised through the first mile pretty effortlessly (admittedly not marathon effortlessly) in 6:11 and I did the next one right on in 6:16. Not going to lie it did not feel like marathon effort so I will most likely adhere to my conservative first half effort based plan on Sunday. Followed it up with an easy lap then 4 laps of jog 200 run 200 and didn't take splits because I didn't want to know ;) Foot felt the best it has in awhile on a "speed" day. Calf was a little tight after so I will be sure to have my massage therapist focus on loosening up the calves tomorrow and work in some epsom salt baths the next few days to stay loose!

This week could not get over with fast enough! It is dragging by, so I am taking that as a good sign that I am mentally ready to get this show on the road!


Andrea said...

Good luck at Philly this weekend! I'm running there as well - it should be perfect weather, the perfect day for a fast time :) I'm just ready for it to be here - this week is definitely dragging on!

Keen Bean Company said...

Go get it E!