2 Weeks to Philly! Eep!

Last week was gorgeous almost every day and I am sooo glad the weather has been behaving so I could continue to get in some good quality training for Philly while keeping a positive attitude!

Ended up being a solid week though I once again came up short on the cross training not getting in a bike or yoga. But I did get in one swim, an ART session, and a massage.

75 miles on 8 runs (one double)

Key workouts:
Hill Intervals
5 mile tempo
20 mile day with 16 hard including a half marathon race

My foot and calf were really tight for most of the half but still worlds better than they felt after Indy so I am hopeful with a bit of taper here and some ART sessions and pampering that I will be good to go in 2 weeks at Philly! Hoping to log at least 2-3 more quality days while backing off the mileage a hair and would love it if this great weather continued!

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Steph said...

I'm starting to send the good vibes for Philly now!! ~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~ :)