Taper Signs

There's a few random things that inevitably run through my mind during taper which signal to me that I am ready to race.

1) I realize how absolutely grateful I am for my wonderful support team I have and I wonder at the fortune I have had to be able to get to the start line in the best shape possible unhindered.

2) I randomly want to start doing pushups and core work race week. The extra down time has me realizing running has made me soft. And I must seriously resist the temptation to remedy this with a killer workout!

3) Time slows down to a crawl. If I am not race ready I find myself wishing for a few more weeks, but when I am feeling fit and mentally sharp it takes everything I have to make it through the work week pre race!

4) I start planning the next big race adventure with my extra free time. When I'm nervous and not ready all I can do is hash out and rehash out my race plan. When I find myself ready to roll I start using that extra mental time to dream up my next goal. (Note this usually has the added plus of helping to avoid post race blues)

So I guess this is my little post to say, for the first time in a long time I find myself in taper crazy mode :) It's good to be back!

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