This one gets played today because it is one of the only songs I heard all race Sunday, because it may have been the thing that saved me the last 5km at Philly, and because sadly as this article expresses runners aren't always bulletproof. My sympathies and sadness go out to the families of the two runners who passed away Sunday at the marathon. It is very sad that this happens, but the truth is many people die with heart conditions every day and a marathon with over 27,000 participants unfortunately, statistically, is likely going to see this happen. The past few weeks I have really been in a state of mind that I want to do everything everyday that my heart desires just in case, and this occurrence confirms my belief that it is most certainly the things in life we don't do that we will regret in the end. So here is to continuing to challenge myself and experience new things every day.

On a lighter note I really do like this song and my mad Rock Band Skills demonstrate that as I scored 100% on expert vocal on it (there's your geek alert for the day)


iliketoast said...

It also my belief that I am more likely to regret what I haven't done than what I do. It can be uncomfortable but there is also a great sense of freedom to me. I love your posts.

E-Speed said...
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E-Speed said...

Mark, I cannot wait to meet you at Boston this year! We are going to have a blast!