Tuesday Strength Intervals

Changed it up Tuesday and instead of doing straight hill repeats I decided to just run one of the downtown bridges. Mostly so I wouldn't be running by myself in the ghetto. It worked out perfectly as I wanted to do at least 4 sets of 5 minutes on with 2-3 minute recovery jogs and the first repeat I finished the bridge in exactly 5:02 so it was easy to just run the bridge as my interval and have everything right around 5 minutes. The bridge is a little over .8 miles long and on the first, 3rd, and 5th repeats it is steeper but shorter up with a longer gradual down and the opposite on the way back and into the wind. For whatever reason for me that meant the way back was a bit slower despite the same effort. I had no garmin so I was just going based off feel. I wanted them to feel like relatively hard mile repeats and I pretty much nailed it getting slightly faster each repeat while working hard the whole workout. I felt good enough to tackle a 5th repeat and surprised myself making it the fastest of the day despite feeling pretty worked over.

It was a fantastic day out and the foot was a little angry but the pace seemed to be right at the line I can get away with without having to limp back to the office.

5:02.07 (2:07)
5:18.95 (2:03)
5:00.93 (2:03)
5:15.71 (2:00)

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