Moderation is Not My Middle Name

After one week of absolutely no exercise you could say I was literally bouncing off the walls with energy. My calf was still pretty tight and I couldn't really tell if my foot was getting better or not, so I was sticking with the no running plan. However, I was on a mission to get to the pool and at least try to work off some aerobic steam.

I have been swimming once or twice a week 1600 to 2000 meters usually with maybe 400 to 600 hard, but usually everything pretty easy. So I probably went a little overboard getting in three swims this week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday which included a masters swim class where I hammered my body for around 700 meters and followed that up the next day with all pull because I didn't want to irritate my calf. Cue shoulder pain. Yeah I'm an idiot :) So my shoulder has been killing me since Wednesday and I skipped hopping back in the pool. Hoping some heat and relaxation will get the shoulder back in order so I can get back in the pool but keep it to one or two swims a week and not kill myself while doing it.

Wednesday night we went out for some social drinks and I ended up leaving my car downtown so I hopped on the bike Thursday morning to commute in and thankfully my calf felt absolutely fine for that. I kept the bike ride easy and other than my toes feeling like they might freeze off it was great to get out in the sun.

Stressful day Friday and my shoulder was wrecked so I took Friday and Saturday off exercise. I did go and cheer at the Reindeer Run (Sara did a great job summarizing the morning!) and while I was really tempted to bring my running gear with me and sneak in a few miles I behaved.

Sunday was my dads 60th Birthday so I was at home for that and while I was leaning towards being a slug my sister and I got in the P90X yoga DVD which was a surprisingly good workout! Word is still out on if the shoulder was affected by that positively or negatively.

Today I am hitting the streets! Please please please foot and calf feel good!

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