Tuesday Shake Out Track Workout

Tuesday the track was clear of snow and day time temps were above 40 so we headed to the outdoor track! My hamstrings have been a bit angry the past 4 weeks and I was nervous that it wasn't warm enough for running fast on the track without making them angrier.

Coach wanted us recovered from Sundays race and able to successfully run Thursdays tempo so we just had to do 12*400 with 60 second rests at 88-90 per quarter followed by a 3 minute rest then a 1600 at 10k pace (5:50). My legs actually felt great during the sets but each recovery my right hamstring started to bark. It didn't feel like it was getting worse so I just went with it. My training partner NC and I ran with another local runner MB who usually does his track workouts at a different track. It was nice to have a "pack" to run with and everything felt pretty casual, we were joking most sets and had a hard time running slower than 88. Other than the right hamstring it really felt good.

All quarters were between 81 and 88 (most 85-86), other than having to dodge some lacrosse balls and one lacrosse player it was good, we traded leads pacing and it was a good group effort. The mile we paced better the first two laps but then picked it up to finish out in 5:42.

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