Tempo 7 Miles at 6:15

Went and got ART therapy on the hamstrings and my calf below the knee last night. He definitely worked out some serious knots, and I felt a lot looser, but it also obviously made things a bit tender so I was a little gun shy on todays tempo between that and the cold windy weather. Added bonus weather.com informed me that on my east bound miles I would be running into an 18 to 19 mph crosswind coming from the NNE and then around the time I turned back west the wind would change to a NNW crosswind. Flipping brilliant :) Given the pace is marathon pace though I decided I was going to suck it up and get it done no matter how the wind felt.

Warmed up with Salty and stopped in the airport to do some dynamic stretches and really make sure my hamstrings were warm and loose before starting the tempo. Mission achieved as they really felt smooth the first few miles into the wind. The third mile was rough with half of it into the wind and a glance at the Garmin showing my pace 10 seconds too slow. Not what I wanted to see based on the effort, but just shut off the freak out part of my brain, looked away from the watch and upped the effort. Nice surprise as the watch beeped for the mile and I had managed to get the pace down to 6:11 now aided by the wind at my back. Kept the effort up just in case the wind did decide to swirl around at some point on my return trip so I would have a little cushion the last few miles to stay at an average of 6:15. I definitely had to work to keep focused and keep my effort high. I am getting much better at mentally just getting it done on these workouts whereas in the past when I began to struggle I would lose focus and fall apart. Averaged 6:14 for the workout. The hamstrings, lower back, and my left quad/hip were definitely tight the last few miles, so stretching lightly and going to ice ice ice. Heading in for more massage/torture tomorrow morning! Very optimistic that with the therapy I will get all this junk worked out before Boston!



The Salty One said...

Great job out there today!

Kim said...

good job E!