Thursday Tempo Set 2*3 miles

Thursday my usual tempo partner had to bail due to some injury problems so I decided to postpone the run until after work and do the workout with my training partner NC. Weather wasn't ideal, rain turning to snow, fog, and just a bit windy and cold. Workout was 2*3 miles with 2 at 6:15 followed by 1 at 5:55 with an 800 meter recovery at 7:00. First set went well in 6:12.86, 6:15.08, then 5:56.22. NC had stomach problems and had to bail so I did the rest of the workout solo. 3:32 for the recovery.

Not sure if the Garmin went crazy with the trees and fog or if the difference in wind affected me or what but the next set I had to really hold back the first mile then the second I practically had to sprint the last half to get it down to 6:15 from 6:30. The last mile I didn't look at the watch and just ran as hard as I could, an uphill finish didn't help the pace. My hamstrings were pretty angry and everything was sore afterwards. I was two pounds down when I got home so I am sure some of the last sets "crazy" was just dehydration.


Despite missing the target the last mile it was a solid effort and I am sure I am tougher because of it.

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