This workout seems to be becoming a staple. Goal is always 10k pace with 90-120 sec rests. This week it was 2 minute rests targeting 87 per quarter or 5:48s. The workout felt pretty good. My right hamstring and calf felt fine. Left hamstring was a tad tight, but much less than normal and did not affect my gait or pace. It was still cold and windy but the sun was out so it felt warmer than the past 3 weeks of rain.

Tried to sit behind my training partner on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th repeats and not look at the watch and just trust her pacing. Then I paced the 3rd and 5th miles.

This workout felt a bit easier than the last time we did it at the indoor track, and paces were slightly faster despite a pretty nasty wind. Everything felt controlled and only the 4th repeat felt a little difficult.


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allanjel said...

The meatballs are on the attack!! I was NOT jealous of this workout.