Know when to fold em' Tempo

Something just wasn't right for todays tempo. I overslept this morning, never hearing my first two alarms, yet still feeling tired after a full nights sleep. Between that, sweating like a crazy woman Tuesday, and the runny nose the past few days I should have realized something was off. But I didn't, and I had no idea today would be a rough workout. The plan was 7 miles at 6:20 pace, the wind would be in our faces on the way out for once, so I really thought it would be a nice warm up run for this weekends race. After running 12 miles at 6:24 pace this weekend after a 20 miler I really thought today would be a cruiser of a workout. Shows what I know :)

Just didn't feel right from the get go. Pace was there, but my breathing was awfully heavy. I told myself it was fine, after 3.5 miles we'd turn around and with the wind at our backs I would perk up. But 1.5 miles into the turn around things were feeling worse and I decided today was just not my day, better back it off and preserve myself for this weekends race. My hamstring was a little sore after Tuesdays track workout, my nose was running, I felt a bit weak and dizzy, and I was sweating like crazy again. The last time I felt this bad is when I pulled the hammy so I decided I better be smart and jog it in. I sent my training partner on her way and did my best to just get back to the office. Decided to pick it up a bit for the last mile after a 1.5 mile jog, mostly to just get done without doing any more damage (and perhaps because I am a bit stubborn).

I'm sucking down an airborne and going to pack it up and take a half day and catch some extra z's and hope I can bag whatever is ailing me quick. Bit of a bummer after nailing so many workouts the past few weeks, but better to happen today than Sunday!

.51 at 6:27 pace
.51 at 7:32 pace


Janet Edwards said...

Smart move! I am sooo tired of dealing with dumb cold...wish I would have heeded the signs right away! Kick some butt on Sunday and I will miss you and everyone else Sunday night!

TriEric said...

I had to bail on my long run yesterday. 10 on the plan and I only made 8. Of course I wasn't even close to your pace...but it was still a struggle.

Rest up and let's hit it again this coming week.