Marathon Training Week 4

Obviously the plan got thrown out the window but here is what the goal would have been:

Total Mileage 75

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Track. 4*1200 at 5:42 pace with 2:30 rests followed by 2*1600 at 5:55 and 5:45 with 3 minute rests
Wednesday and Friday: easy miles @ 7:20 or slower. 6 x 30 sec @ 5:30 pace with full recovery on Friday
Thursday: Tempo run; 7 miles @ 6:20
6 miles easy

If not racing:
12 miles @ 6:55
16 miles (8 @ 6:40, 5 miles @ 6:25, 3 miles @ 6:15)

Actual Weeks Work:
No workouts
35 miles
3 days no running
3 swims totaling 5000 meters
1 Vinyasa yoga class
1 Ab ripper X DVD workout
1 torture session with a massage therapist

Sunday I bailed on the race and ran a slightly higher effort than easy and got in 12 pain free miles at 7:11 pace. I am hopeful that I can resume normal training this week, but will be supplementing it with some easy swims and a few yoga classes as well as some more massage/torture. And obviously lots of ice and stretching.

The only residual pain seems to be when I bend my knee really deep, and it seems to be getting less intense so I am hoping something was just tight and out of alignment and the yoga, swimming, etc. has loosened things up and it is on the mend.

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