Mandatory Year Round Up

Wow 2009 was such a great year for my running. This year I decided to hand my training over to a friend to coach me and so far the results have spoken for themselves. If you can find someone to help your training out I highly recommend it. It has been refreshing to just let go and do what I am told to do each week.

This year sadly had no ultra's which was definitely a change, but I understand that those goals are on hold for a while while we focus on speed and the marathon.

Despite no ultras and fewer marathons the mileage this year was higher. Finished out the year at 2,770 miles, 470 more miles than last year.

Despite that, no major injuries and only one real sick week, until the final few weeks of the year, which is impressive. I am happy to report the knee seems to be healed or healing as I successfully ran 3 slow miles on the treadmill last night with no pain during or after the run. While I would have obviously preferred to finish out the year running, a week off every now and again is a necessary part of the sport. And I can't say being lazy, indulging, and hanging with friends was really all that rough this time of year.

Quick Annual Rundown:

Youngstown Half 1:32:31, 4th female
St. Malachi 5 Mile 33:13, 8th female
Indoor Tri-1st female
Martian Meteor 10k 41:11, 12th female
Boston Marathon 3:16:30, 341st female
Cleveland 13.1 1:27:52, 2nd female
Flag Day 5K 18:56, 3rd female
Whiskey Island Relay 3k 12:25, 1st female team
Aurora Fun Run 5k 19:46, 6th female
Johnnycake 5 Mile 31:35, 11th female, PR
Twilight Trail 8K Relay 34:55, 1st female team
Perfect 10 Mile 1:05:08, 1st female, PR
Buckeye Half Marathon 1:26:52, 1st female, PR
Columbus Marathon 3:05:57, 12th female, PR
Detroit Turkey Trot 10K 40:23, 14th female
Reindeer Run 5K 18:37, 1st female, PR

Cincinatti Flying Pig Marathon 3:49:43 (Goal 3:50)
Spirit of Columbus Half 1:39:37 (Goal 1:40)
Dayton Air Force Half 1:40:30 (Goal 1:40)
Akron Marathon 3:39:22 (Goal 3:40)

A quick glance at the year shows one time goal already for 2010 and that is to crush my 10k PR, it's hard to believe with PRs in pretty much every other distance that that goal wasn't met!

Other goals for the new year are to work on my weaknesses. My form is sloppy and I had been hoping that by getting faster it would sort of work itself out but it is apparent I need to get to work on my core and shoulder strength. Straighten up and stop bringing my arms so far in front of my body. It won't be easy, but I am hoping it will make a huge difference once I get it in line! In line with that goal is to get more of a mid-foot strike going, this one may prove more difficult, but I'll be focused on it!

Hope everyone got to relax a bit this holiday season and that you are all revved up for a great year! I know I am!


Robin said...

Congrats on a fantastic year of running, Elizabeth!

Mark said...

What a great year of running for you! I'm sure the best is yet to come!

Irene said...

What a year!

Have a very happy 2010

Kim said...

friggin fantastic season Elizabeth!! (i especially love your boston marathon result!) hey, speaking of, are you coming back up to run it again?! please?!!

DaisyDuc said...

Dang what a huge year for you!