Turkey Trot and Weekly Run Down

The primary reason I have still been doing track workouts post Columbus was for the Detroit Turkey Trot. I raced that Thursday with my family and was excited to have them all participate. It was not a stellar day for me and so now I will be moving onto base building phase for Boston the next 5-6 weeks. Since the Turkey Trot did not tucker me out at all (Ran a 40:23, 6:30 pace, about what I should be running for 13.1 not 10k) I moved into Thanksgiving calorie burning mode the rest of the week.

This week will back off on the mileage a bit, cut out the track and tempo runs, only one "easy" day and the rest of the runs under 7:50 pace. Also coach said to cut out the push ups. That I am not a sprinter and don't need to "bulk up." Everything in moderation I guess!

November 22-29th- 64 miles

Monday- 7.4 miles easy, 8:30 pace (110 push ups)
Tuesday-7 miles with 4*30 second strides 8 minute pace
Wednesday-3 miles easy, 8:40 pace
Thursday-2 mile warm up with strides, 10k-40:23, 2 mile cool down
Friday-12 miles easy 8:08 pace (hip exercises)
Saturday- 12 miles 7:55 pace
Sunday- 12 miles 7:00 pace


Mark said...

awesome training....you make me feel lazy! Keep it up:)

Julia said...

I love that your slow pace is 6:30/mi, I wish :)

Thanks for all the kind words and good luck in base building.