Weekly Run Down

Starting to get back into the groove of marathon training. Added in some strides this week to wake up those fast twitch muscles. Friday night headed out with the girls for drinking and dancing, but still managed to get in my weekend runs at a respectable pace. Sunday afternoon headed down to the valley to watch my trail buddies run the Winter Run for Regis Fun Run 50k. (And realized how much I miss the trail scene once again)

After taking a week off for the knee, and coming back feeling pretty sluggish the next week it was easy to start thinking my Boston goals might be a pipe dream this year.

I had to start a new training log because Nike will be shutting down the one I use shortly and I remembered that for Columbus I set up a spread sheet tracking my key workouts each week leading up to Boston. I decided to do that again and that gave me the reality check I needed.

While I haven't done any tempo or speed work yet this winter, my normal runs and long run paces are so much faster than they were last fall. It's so easy to get caught up in what you're doing in the moment and forget about where it is you came from. You get in these cycles and feel like you aren't improving, but then realize that in reality you definitely have come a long way if you just take a minute to step back and look at the whole picture.

So I am feeling much better this week about my Boston goals, but definitely looking forward to getting in some speed work and getting those tempo paces down.

January 11-17: 65 miles
Monday- AM 8 miles 8:42 pace (sloppy roads), PM- Treadmill 2.5 miles 8:00 pace
Tuesday- 9.75 miles 7:29 pace with 4*100 strides
Wednesday-8 miles 7:23 pace with 5 at 6:58 pace
Thursday- 6.5 miles 8:30 pace
Friday- 10 miles 8:00 pace (Massage & Dancing)
Saturday- 6.5 miles 7:37 pace with 4*100 strides
Sunday-14 miles 7:12 pace

A couple of the runs were on the slow side for what I was supposed to do, I was trying to get out with company at lunch, so I sacrificed pace a bit for more fun. This week I am being a little pickier about when I run with others. I don't want anyone to screw up their workouts for me, and I can't let my desire to keep running social affect my planned workouts.

Did a good job early in the week of getting in some core and hip strengthening, but slacked off late in the week. This week need to make sure I do something every day.

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allanjel said...

Girl!! Your Boston goals are not a pipe dream so keep going!!! Everyone questions themselves at one time or another...you know that!

Glad the knee is better :)