Spartan Relays 3k Videos

Start- Somehow got lucky #1 seed and managed to not get mauled in the first 100 meters

Start of Lap 2 in 2nd (decided I did not have the speed to chase Justine Jeroski who is in 1st, she is looking to run sub 10 this year and ran a 10:30 today, really nice group of gals on this Case team)

Start of lap 5 or 6 getting passed by 3rd

Start of lap 9 or 10 still in 3rd

Start of Lap 11 or 12 in 4th about to lap the large group of women at the beginning of the vid

Start of Lap 15 you can see Justine finishing just after I start my last lap

Finish 4th in 11:10.87

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