Taking out the trash

A quickie post to show you the new trash and recyclable storage units!

New Receptacle Shots (Per Request)

They even came with labels!

Just ignore the over sized trash bag, I am way overdue for a grocery trip

I love them :)

Man does a New Years Day party create a lot of recyclables or what! That bin was filled twice over. I love the new bins, much better than the plastic tub with the removable lid that never stayed clean or on. Mom and dad found these at Sam's Club and claim they got a great deal on them if you are interested. (These things aren't usually cheap, I looked!)


Julia said...

I love this post, because I get excited about things like this too.

Babs said...

Love your trash cans! I've been wanting the stainless steel ones for some time, but my plain 'ol white plastic one is still functional. Oh well, I'll put it on my 'wish list.'

solarsquirrel said...

LOVE your new bins! :)

Sensationally Red said...

Dang, E, I just love it when you talk trash. :)