Winter Weekly Miles

Just finished up a frigid week with lots of treadmill miles, but the knee seems to be holding up so I am grateful for all of the pain free miles no matter the pace or locale.

January 4th through the 11th- 45 miles

M-5 Miles Treadmill 8:30 pace
T-5 Miles Treadmill 8:07 pace
W-5 Miles Treadmill 8:15 pace
Th-5 Miles Treadmill 8:01 pace
F-6 miles in the snow 9:18 pace
Sat-8 miles 7:27 pace
Sun-12 miles 7:55 pace

Most of the treadmill runs I just started out easy and increased the pace as it felt comfortable. Break every 1 mile to stretch, check the knee the first few days, then went longer before testing each day. I tried to keep the elevation at 2 to minimize impact and Wednesday did a "hill" workout to keep from getting too bored.

Each day I have been doing hip and quad strengthening exercises, stretching, core work, and a few push ups. Hopefully this will become habit.

Saturday may have been a bit aggressive given the come back and I am sore now but the knee seems to be just fine.

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful runs. It was cold out but the scenery was great and the roads were clear. Oh and the sun was out.

A structured training plan commences this week. Hopefully mother nature plays nice, the treadmill wasn't so bad when I was just running easy but doing a set workout on it will be another story I am sure.


Keen Bean Company said...

glad you are back in action!

Mark said...

Awesome training!! I burned my treadmill up!! Bummer!

Julia said...

Good to hear you are back! A run outside is always better then the dreadmill. :)

Irene said...

That's a cool picture! Looks like the tree is growing out of your head! LOL...

Seriously, nice going with the training!

solarsquirrel said...

Excellent news about the knee. It's so funny that your 'slow' runs seem fast to me!