Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 6

6 weeks down and only 4 to go! Yikes!

This week got a bit screwy with the weather but I managed to get all of my workouts in (granted not in order) and was only a few miles short of the original plan.

Monday- Improvised "hard bodies" class with Daisy. We were left to our own devices as the teacher was out of town so we played music and made up the workout as we went along. Daisy tried to kill me with burpees and caterpillars, but I survived.

Tuesday- 9 miles

warm up 26:30 with Daisy and Salty

track was covered in snow/ice on one end, so I had to do 300 out and back switching lanes to avoid ice.

hard headwind on straight aways, struggled with the hairpin turns Split (recovery)
2:22.88 (1:31.47)
2:24.14 (1:30.73)
2:23.98 (1:31.42)
2:23.56 (1:32.23)
2:22.28 (1:30.21)
2:20.83 (1:32.30)

The splits were all on the slower end of my intended pace, so considering the conditions I was happy with it.

cool down 30:18.41

Wednesday- 4 miles 8:30 pace

Was supposed to run 11 miles but after 4 miles of slogging through the snow/sleet and repeatedly having to dig the snow out of my shoes heel I gave up. Running in high heeled snow filled shoes is not my idea of a good training run. I need to start waking up early and getting these runs done on the treadmill if weather is bad.

Thursday - 11 miles 7:50 pace

Made up the 11 mile workout. Went to S. Chagrin and started at the top of the hill ran down 5.5 and came back up. Felt good most of the way. Weather was much more pleasant. Attacked the downhills a bit and backed off pace a bit on the way back up to beat the quads up a bit to get ready for Boston.

Friday - 49 minutes easy with 6*25 second strides

Saturday - 5 mile snowy trail race with about 35 minutes warm up/cool down. Felt strong despite the snow and had fun.

Sunday - 17+ Miles pace 8:15-8:25 pace

Ran about 17.5-18 miles at my old stomping grounds. Dad tagged along on the bike despite it being pretty cold. Legs were tired but managed to drop the pace at the end down to around 8 minute miles after starting around 8:45. Nice easy long run.

This week will be another one close to 70 miles. Hoping to sail through this week and right on into taper.


duchossois said...

Very impressed with your dedication. You are putting in the work, and I know you'll have a great Boston.
I don't do strides, but I think I should. Do you think they've helped you?

Running on Something said...

you keep this mileage up and you are not going to be able to make fun of those 100 miler a week guys anymore!!! nice job!

tony said...

Nice week of training! The hard work will pay off E! So cool your Dad rode with you, I ran over to my son's and he ran 5 miles with me, then I ran home...15 miles.

Strides....YES! They work. Stay relaxed, work on form, 90% effort, recover before the next one. Trains fast twitch muscles and all speedwork helps improve your running economy or form.

jen henthorn said...

hey!! long time no talk! i went to your myspace and found this site, since i know you update it a lot more. i started running now that the weather is getting better. i've been sticking to it everyday. my goal is to run a couple 5k/10ks by summer, and see if i can make it for the columbus half marathon in october. is that the event that you're doing? (i know full, and not half, tho). It really would mean a lot to me to get to that point. So I'm starting early. Running makes me happy. =) But I guess there is so much I don't know! I hope you're doing well and you kick boston's ass! take care!

GP said...

Sounds like a great week. Have you ever felt more like you deserved a taper? Ahh, I'm looking forward to the taper for you ;-) It will certainly do you right for Boston.

Kim said...

cripes lady, you are a true running machine! daisy better ease up on those burpees or i will kick her ass :)

cant wait for you to get here!