Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 3

Well this was my last official recovery week. Other than a bit of an upper body work out debacle ;) I think it went well.

Monday- Walked 2 miles with Hubby then did an hour of pilates (DVD)

Tuesday- Recovery 6 mile run with Salty...probably went a bit further than 6, easy to do when you are having fun! 8:50 pace

Wednesday- 9 mile run with BB in Pepper Pike. Snow storm city (Day before with Salty was pretty wintry too) Ran an hour with BB then tacked on to get to what I estimated was 9. Again probably went closer to 9.5. 8:40 pace

Thursday- Decided to hit the gym with Daisy. Did an hour of weights, about 45 min arms and 15 minute core (woke up the next morning and could not extend my left arm at all, arms are still sore today but much better (took two epsom baths so far!))
Walked 1.5 miles with hubby after GNO.

Friday- 9 mile run with Daisy. Did about 5-6 with Daisy then ran around the flats to get in the rest. Did 8*25 second strides down in the flats every 2 minutes. 8:45 pace
Then proceed to go out and dance to trance music for near 3 hours (that has to count for something, I was worn out when I got home! Might have had one too many martinis)

Saturday- Recovery 5 mile run in the evening. Pace was SLOW and arm pain was almost intolerable! But the workout obviously did what was intended as I felt fine Sunday.

Sunday- Youngstown Half Marathon executed perfectly to my plan, now if I can just keep that going up through Boston ;) 7:57 pace

This next week is going to be rough. Got an indoor tri which has thrown the Pfitzinger plan a bit out of whack for this week. Not to mention my normal running pals Salty and Daisy will both be on vacation. I'll survive I am sure and I finally managed to find two races to fit into the plan so this will be the only week that has to be adjusted like this (other than the last week since Boston is a Monday).


iliketoast said...

8 weeks to go and the weather will improve all the way!

Kurt in Boston said...

Great to see you're going to run Boston again! And it should be fun watching the women's trials the day before (especially since the course includes the Cambridge side of the river).

Running on Something said...

hey - i know i'm not quite fast enough - but if you want to do a recovery run or a shorter run in the morning downtown sometime let me know!

triguyjt said...

boston will be here before you know it...

TrainingtoTri said...

if you feel like doing a SLOW (9:30ish) 7 miles on Sat around the shaker lakes holla at me!

solarsquirrel said...

Are your legs sore from dancing at all? Mine are STILL sore!

Anonymous said...

clearly it was because you started off the week with your lovemongrel.