Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 5

A milestone week for me, first 70+ mile week ever!

Monday- 2 mile walk with David
Pilates Abs DVD plus a few light arm exercises (bicep curls, tricep curls)

Tuesday- Easy 6 mile recovery run at N Chagrin 9:20 pace

Wednesday- 10 miler with 4*1200 at 5K pace. Warmed up 39 minutes with Salty then got to work.

Did an approximately 1200 meter loop in the flats, might have been a hair long. 4 repeats with 2:30 jogs in between

4:55, 4:44, 4:45, and 4:48

15 minute cool down. Was probably a hair shy of 10 miles.

The 4th repeat hurt. Got a side stitch at the end of the third and couldn't quite shake it on the fourth. These were slightly slower than I had hoped for but considering it was on a road loop with a bit of wind and a slight incline on the second half I'll take it.

Thursday- My "comb" 15 miler that was probably closer to 16. Pace: ~8:00

Friday- 10 regular old miles. Warmed up 26 minutes then ran 6 miles with Bridget and added another 10 minutes to ensure I hit 9 miles, misjudged pace and went more like 10. Pace: ~9:00

Saturday- Tooled around taking photos at St. Malachi and did about 30 minutes running around the course, then did an hour with some SERC peeps on Godale's "movie" route. About 9-9.5 miles ~ 9:30 pace

Sunday- 19 miles at a comfortable 8:50 pace

My legs feel surprisingly good. No tweaks other than a bit of a sore hip/outer thigh, completely from road rash, so far no bruising, only a little tender when running downhill or when accidentally brushing against something. Don't get me wrong, I'm sore, but it is the kind of sore that makes you feel like you worked hard, not the kind of sore you get from being overworked.

I need to either start running known mileage courses, stop worrying about total mileage, or get a Garmin. I had a really hard time this week gauging pace on some of my runs and as a result went too far thinking I was running slower than what I was actually going. Thankfully the few extra miles don't seem to have done me any harm and I am pumped up for next week!


triguyjt said...

70 mile week...

awesome...very impressive

IHateToast said...

oh don't you want a little bruising? that's like a concert t-shirt for workouts. you have to wear it and brag.

Dana said...

Looks like your earlier spill didn't slow you down too much. Great miles this week!

tony said...

Nice week of training, Pete's great and you are going to rock in Beantown! Glad the leg is doing ok.

duchossois said...

Awesome week...glad you're feeling strong. Keep it going, all the way to Boston.

(This is my first post on your blog. I don't know the protocol, but I think I should say I'm Frank from the SERC club.)

Brian said...

garmin? you don't need no stinkin' garmin. who am I?

Mile .98: "Are we at a mile yet?"
Mile 1.49999995 "Did we get the extra half mile yet"

Not things start getting a bit off

Mile 4.01 "Did I miss the beep for the mile yet?"

You are probably more accurate then my garmin is.

E-Speed said...

LOL Brian, that's because I know that course! It's when I haven't run a course that I have problems :)

Running on Something said...

great job on doing all those miles!! I can't imagine a week like that!

GP said...

Congrats on the big week; 70 miles is incredible.

I'm not going to lie: I love "comb-like" runs. But that's the neophyte in me.

I think I saw you at St. Malachi. Good to hear you had a trip around the course even if you didn't race. Those hills were meant for taking.

The Salty One said...

70 mile weeks are your precursor to that sub 3:20 marathon that is in the cards for you this Spring. Do a few more of those sometime late summer/early fall and you should not be scared of sub 3:10 goals! The marathon is your race, sister. You know you just need to focus and put in the work and before you know it we're going to be talking you through prep for your trials qualifier. Believe it!

iliketoast said...

Running faster than you feel is awesome, doesn't get better than that!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Good Job E
Maybe if I can get my wife to walk 2 miles with me on Mondays I'll be allowed to run a 70 mile week.

TrainingtoTri said...

Wowza. Hey get a Garmin, I love, love, love my 305, best money I ever spent.

CJ said...

With all the running you do, I think you can justify getting a Garmin.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Good luck in Michigan this weekend!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice week! And nice 1200 times!!!