Note to the Dirtilicious Team

Hopefully you will check back here! You ladies rocked it out there! I am sorry to have left you out in my preview :) Anyone who showed up to run that day was fierce competition. You guys were so funny at the end asking how old we were. I'm the same way, and was glad to know the lead lady wasn't in my "group." And I should note that at the aid station I did take a look over my shoulder to see how close you gals were! There was also a very nice lady in her 50s who said she was slow but finished about 5 minutes back from me, beating many ladies younger than her. That's pretty tough! I should note that while I seemed to be one of the only out of staters there I was treated nicely by everyone out on the course and the Brighton Striders put on a great race. It is definitely intimidating to go to a non local race where you don't know any of the competitors, but it is also nice since you have no real pre conceptions of how you will do. Maybe I will see some of these faces again at the Meteor 10k in a few weeks, hopefully there won't be a repeat of the snow though!

As for the challenge I would love to come up and do Dances with Dirt one of these years. Do you gals do the relay, the 50k, or the 50 miler?

Results are posted here:

Looks like there was a lot of no shows, but still over 100 crazy people came out to race! It's fun being crazy :)

Ps I think that that man may have been named Jim, all I know is that he wears those bright shorts to all his races, they must be lucky because it was pretty cold out there!

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JenC said...

Great job E!

Sounds like the dirtlicious ladies are a relay team. I hope I get to meet them at the race (ladies, if you are reading, my team is the MardiGras Mudhounds).