Weekly Run Down Week of 1/28/08

Last week was a sort of taper/recovery week but as I felt fine after the Buckeye 50k I ran most of the days of the week and will dip into a true taper for Tampa this week. Just found out I got bumped up to the 3:50 pace group as one of the pacers had an injury so I want to make sure I am ready to go Sunday morning! 3:50 suits my tastes much better than 4 hours anyways!

Monday- Ran at lunch with Daisy and Salty about 7 miles somewhere around 8:40 pace

Tuesday- AM: Indoor Stationary Bike Ride EZ with Daisy 13.5 miles, stretched and did some core work afterwards
Lunch: Ran 6.5 miles EZ with Daisy and JP

Wednesday- AM:Swam One mile with Daisy

Lunch:Ran 3 miles at 4 hour pace on the treadmill, stretching afterwards

Thursday- AM: Ran 5 miles on the treadmill at 4 hour pace
Lunch: Last Hard Bodies Class as I am quitting my current (expensive) gym

Friday- Rest (B-day party in evening, and had to get out running club newsletters)

Saturday- Roads were icy so I opted for a haircut over a run, spent the rest of the day at a wedding and visiting friends in Parma, then off to the reception

Sunday- 12 miles at what was supposed to be 3:50 pace, even after easing off overall pace was around 8:25. Gotta back it off this week and get in the 8:46 zone! *First time running the Solon 12 after a long break where the "hill" did not feel hard, it's nice to know my fitness level is getting better even with the past month being mostly recovery! Could have easily kept going at this pace for the 15 or 20 route.


Brian said...

Have fun in Tampa. Glad you don't have to run that 'slow' and pace the 4 hour group. Wait, that's my pr. :)

Maybe someday you can pace me to a faster pr then that.

solarsquirrel said...

You know, I probably shouldn't read your blog - even after running a 50k and knowing you are pacing a marathon you STILL workout more than 99% of the populus...ugh...I feel so fat and lazy...

Dana said...

You are not called "E-speed" for nothing!