Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 2

Neck and back are feeling much better! Still got a wonky left shoulder/arm that I am hoping was just overworked at Tampa, perhaps overcompensating for the arm carrying the sign into the wind? Or perhaps just a pinched nerve from all the flying. Who knows, but I hope it cuts it out soon because right now I look like Rocky running down the street flicking/punching my fist out all the time.

Got in all my planned runs last week and threw in a Body Blast class, an evening yoga class, and did an ab pilates DVD. I need to get my butt on the bike and in the pool soon as I have an indoor tri coming up in two weekends that is part of the Beast series. I'm waiting on a free two week pass to CSU and then I will suck it up and buy a membership. (For those that asked to get the "non-prime" membership you have to commit to one year, but if you do automatic withdrawal you just have to pay month-to-month in addition to a $50 initiation fee)

Monday- Body Blast ~45 minutes Worked on legs, arms, core. Not quite as nice as my hard bodies class, but it will do.

Tuesday- 5 easy miles on the treadmill

Wednesday- 5 miles with Jen on the CSU indoor track (Jen, Salty thinks it is actually more like 10.5 laps to a mile so with our cool down walk we definitely got in our 5)

Thursday- 60 minutes yoga with Jen

Friday- 60 minutes general aerobic run with Salty. The workout called for 7 miles with 8*100 meter strides. Since Salty was doing 8 with 20*35 seconds at 5k pace, I just did the first 8 of her 35 second on/1:25 off intervals with her, and then continued to loop the flats to get in the rest of my mileage. Glad I dragged my ass outside. I was becoming a winter sissy.
(Probably ran a little over 7, average pace was around 8:40 when on my own, and about 8:15 with Salty, can we tell I need to get my butt motivated?)

Saturday- 5 miles at N. Chagrin on snowy trails. Just getting in the miles at an easy pace. With the slop it was about 10 minute miles.

Went home and did the Winsor abs DVD and some stretching of my hips.

Sunday- 10 Miles with SERC, 8:00 pace. It was nice to let go a little and run at a more normal pace. I was getting sick of the recovery miles!

Tried to do the little running times core workout from this month in the bagel shop. After the first 4 exercises I gave up though and decided this was a workout suited more for the gym or home :) (I'll post photo evidence later)

Two weeks down, 8 to go to Boston.

Need to work on getting back into a schedule. Tampa and Indiana have me all screwed up. I need to get my ass out of bed when the alarm goes off so I can get the miles in before work! Looking forward to seeing how I handle the longer midweek runs. I don't think I have ever done more than 8 on a weekday (other than doubles).


iliketoast said...

I think building the mid-weeks and weekend long runs are the way to go for what it's worth.

JenC said...

Sam asked about the track. They said that the outside lane is 1/10 of a mile. I think if you stay on the outside of that lane the whole time, the distance is fairly accurate. That's what I did yesterday.

Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

We are running hill repeats downtown tomorrow night if you are interested. We are meeting up at 4:30 though, so I may go back to work after.

Cassie said...

I love the word "wonky." I thought I was the only one who used it! Right on!!!

solarsquirrel said...

LOL! I want the photo proof! I don't think you did anything in the bagel shop! :)

tony said...

Hey "Rocky"! I had the same shoulder issue after holding the sign in windy NY, bet you're right.

As you know, I'm also drinking the Pfitzinger koolaid, and do the mid-week long runs, 15 last night. The 2nd mid-long run I do hill reps, consider that for your Boston.
You'll be ready, and you'll do GREAT!