Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 1

So Boston training has officially started. I decided to go with the Pfitzinger 10 weeks between marathons plan since I just paced Tampa and ran the 50k a few weeks before that.

Week 1 of the plan called for four runs totaling 22 miles for the week as well as three rest days with optional cross training. All runs were to be done at recovery pace.

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- AM: 5 miles treadmill 9:17 pace (Planned 5) with Daisy
Lunch 60 minutes of yoga with Daisy
Wednesday- Rest (In Indiana for work)
Thursday- Light Ab workout (In Indiana for work)
Friday- 45 minute run around downtown with Salty (Planned 5)
Saturday- 5.4 mile run from the in-laws 9:05 pace. Probably too many hills to really be called a recovery run. (Planned 5) Light ab workout following run
Sunday- 6.75 miles in Solon with Daisy. Icy and light rain. 8:55 pace
(Planned 7)

Left shoulder has been stiff my last three runs and since yesterday I've developed a crick in my neck and what I assume is a pinched nerve in my middle back. Not sure what has me so out of whack but I will be enjoying the last week of "restful/recovery training" and will try not to irritate my back and neck.


Brian said...

You only ran 5 from the inlaws? You must really like them.

Lana said...

Nice week! Hope you get to feeling better and get that crick out of your neck - I hate those things!

Irene said...

Looks great! LOL @ Brian's comment!

IHateToast said...

don't tell your back knock-knock jokes. that'll really irritate it. i do think the back is mad about madlibs, though.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the training. And that danged pinched nerve!!

triguyjt said...

good luck with that doggone crick in the neck....

ditto about brians comment..lol

GP said...

Great plan coverage. I'm eager to see the rest and how you progress. And I'm really pulling for you to kick that nerve. The "smallest" things cause the biggest problems (and pains).

TrainingtoTri said...

hope your neck/back feels better! You should treat yourself to a nice massage. I go to a gal named Sky McDonald on Lee Road and she is awesome and inexpensive.