(Almost) Ready to Fly

I head to Tampa tomorrow morning. Other then packing I am so ready to get out of the cold! And this winter hasn't even been that bad. I guess I was spoiled by our trip to Arizona!

If you are going to be in Tampa this weekend stop by the expo and say hi! I'll be at the booth tomorrow night and Saturday before lunch. And if you are racing look for me at the start! I'll be the one holding the 3:50 sign ;)

Looking forward to my mini vacay, looks like storms tomorrow so hopefully there's an indoor pool to lounge by, but weather for Sunday looks perfect. Lows of 45, highs of 70. We start at 6 AM so I should be done long before it gets too hot.

Have a great weekend everyone!


tracie said...

woohoo! have fun!

we will be COLD!

so enjoy it while you have it ;)

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend! You're going to be a great pacer!

Brian said...

Kristen is the girl I know that will also be pacing. I think she's pacing the 5 group.

IHateToast said...

so you are even further away from australia for a bit. you're just mean.


DaisyDuc said...

Your 3:50 peeps are in good hands! Have a blast!

tony said...

I know you'll be successful and have fun in another pacing run, have a blast!
Then recover and see ya in the Valley for some long runs!

JenC said...

good luck E! Have fun. Those people are lucky to have you!