Step away from the computer

This week has been hectic at work. We have a new coworker who is gung ho which has us all inspired, but also has us working like we are in a frenzy! I don't mind being busy, so that suits me fine. But throw in a few odd things like downloading and installing new software and trying it out into the mix, which slows my computer to an absolute crawl and by 5 PM I am literally ready to punch my computer screen. Leaving me to conclude that perhaps the pinched nerve is stress related? Lots of other non work stuff on my plate so I think that may be the ticket.

So the past few nights I've gone to bed early, hooked up the heater pad and read for a bit and magically the neck and back feel better.

My schedule is all screwed up from Tampa and Indiana and the fact that I am technically in recovery mode so dragging my butt out of bed for AM workouts has not been happening. Not to mention that I haven't been able to bring myself to run outside since Sunday. I am so over winter :) Hopefully this isn't seasonal affective disorder, and just a sign that I needed a few more hours of sleep. (I get crazy amounts of sleep people, if I told you what extra means you would all guffaw so I'll just keep that to myself)

Running indoors with my buddy Jen last night was a nice way to end the day and get me a bit more motivated (my shoulder finally felt semi normal during a run!). I am going to sign up for the "Prime" membership at CSU so I can swim in the mornings or evenings there for $27 a month. Seems ridiculous to be paying for two gyms but in the end it is actually cheaper than what I was paying for just one membership at Key (although I do miss my perks: hot tub, sauna, free shower stuff including razors and shaving cream, free fruit, and coffee/tea. I was spoiled). Haven't found an equivalent to my fave hard bodies class yet, but a few are close enough I guess :/

Looking forward to hitting my virgin yoga grounds tonight with Jen. It will be nice to go back to my yoga "roots" for a night. I have one ticket left and then it will be back to the drudgery of whatever the gym offers (which is my other theory for the pinched nerve, too many back manipulation poses!).

For those that had sent well wishes to my sis a little update. She ended up having to have surgery on part of her intestine. Surgery was last night and it went well. She's in a ton of pain right now, but hopefully will heal and be out of the hospital quickly. The doc wants her out as soon as possible. She didn't get much sleep between the pain and a loud roommate so she isn't very chipper right now. Hopefully this won't become a regular trial, it seems so unfair for her to be going through this when she is so young. The good news is there was only one part of her intestine that was bad, but apparently it was really bad and the doc was amazed she was eating anything at all. So keep sending those good vibes if you have them! The doc wants her up and walking around today, so she could probably use any extra positive energy we've got!


tracie said...

here are some feel good vibes for both of you!!!! i hope you get back in the groove and that she heals well! :)

JenC said...

It was fun to run with you last night and I'm glad you'll be joining the gym! See you tonight at Yoga!

Definitely sending some good vibes your sister's way. Hope she heals quickly and well!

tony said...

Way to be smart, it's ok and good you're taking time right now to recover, you'll come back healthy, hungry and better than ever!

Sorry to hear about your sister, her youth will help her to heal fast. Praying for a "speedy" recovery for her! Hang in there!

triguyjt said...

consider the good vibes sent.

glad your neck is a bit better

good luck at the new gym..

Kim said...

totally sending positive thoughts to your sister! tummy problems/surgeries/hospitals suck so im thinking about her!

TrainingtoTri said...

Still sending good vibes, I hope your sis recovers quickly.

Dana said...

Good luck w/ yoga & be careful w/ your neck & back. I'll keep your sis in my prayers.

Brett S. said...

Hope your sis is well and out of the hospital quickly. I can think of no better motovation for the body to heal then to get the heck out of a hospital.
Good luck with Yoga and watch the neck with the cobra poses.

Brian said...

I just tagged you. It's a pain, but I hope you do it anyway!

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Running on Something said...

hey - thanks for sharing about the cleveland state membership - i may have to to that as well - do you know how long of a membership you have to sign up for a year? monthly?

Sensationally Red said...

Glad your sister's surgery went OK. I'm with you on being done with this winter stuff! It's awful. Take care and you go ahead and get all the sleep you need!

Brian said...

Sorry to hear about your sister. Hope she gets better soon.

Irene said...

Sending more good vibes!

Lana said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'll be praying for your does seem unfair for her to have to go through all that at her age.

Trev said...

Fellow Cleveland runner and someone who has been dianoised with Chron's back in 2005. Last month I found out I don't have it (at least according to 2 of 3 doctors) but have been on all the meds etc. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, give advice, etc. feel free to drop me a line. Praying for a speedy recovery.